Forhandler av sytilbehør, strikkepinner, knapper og andre småvarer til handarbeid.

36 Assorterte Sikkerhetsnåler

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36 Sikkerhetsnåler

34 mm
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addiLove Maskemarkører

Søte hjerteformede maskemarkører, et nyttig redskap for strikkere. Disse plastikmarkørene har en flexibel åpning, slik at du kan velge om du skal skyve dem på nålen eller klemme dem på plass. Hver pakke inneholder 6 hjerter. A pack of 6 heart-shaped stitch markers for knitting or crochet.
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Hekter Sorte 12 stk

- Hooks and eyelets fasten trousers, skirts, and lingerie - Made of black-coated, rust-protected iron - Easy to open and close - Very comfortable to wear, even with direct skin contact The black-coated hooks and eyelets made of rust-protected iron are best suited for dark pieces of clothing where fastenings need to be discretely installed. These fastenings with burr-free workmanship are available from Prym in sizes 2 and 3 and in many package sizes from 24 units to 35 units. Hooks and eyes can be effortlessly sewn onto jackets, skirts, trousers, blouses, or lingerie by the laterally-curved eyelets. They can also be used as additional support for zip fasteners in skirts or dresses. This product's full, high-quality workmanship makes it perfectly comfortable to wear, even with direct skin contact.
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John James - 2 Knitters Needles

Knitters needles are commonly known as sewing up needles and, as the name suggests, they are used by knitters to sew pieces of work together. Size 13, the larger needle in the pack, is ideal for sewing up aran and chunky garments and the smaller size 18 needle is ideal when sewing up garments made out of double knitting, 3ply and 4ply and not forgetting baby garments. Size 13 x 1 needle Size 14 x 1 needle
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John James - Cranked Smyrna Needle

Cranked Smyrna or Bent Tapestry needles for heavy tapestry projects. Size 13.
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John James - Household Assorted

n assorted pack of hand sewing needles for general everyday sewing needs. No household should be without this re-useable pack of sewing needles. To open bend the top of the card back away from the plastic to remove a sewing needle. When closing the needle package, insert the plastic cover under the perforated cardboard tab to secure the sewing needles. Contains 12 hand sewing needles.
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John James - Leather

Leather needles are sometimes referred to as Glovers needles because years ago they were used by glovers, who specialised in the art of hand making gloves. These needles are still used today, especially in all types of leather work including shoe making and shoe repairs, belts and leather garments. Leather needles have a triangular point, which enables them to pierce and pass through tough materials such as leather, suede and vinyl without tearing. Each pack contains 1 needle size 3, 1 needle size 5 and 1 needle size 7.
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- Safety pins for kilts, traditional dresses, scarves, and shawls - Size: 76 mm - Colours: old brass, gold, silver - Made of painted brass or rust-protected iron This kilt pin made of brass or iron is a useful, yet stylish accessory for closing kilts, shawls, scarves, and much more. The 76 mm-long and very stable kilt pins with a slight retro look not only meet the quality standards of a safety pin, but are also a visual eye-catcher. While the silver-coloured pins are made of rust-protected iron, the gold and antique brass-coloured variants are made of specially-painted brass wire.
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Mohair børste

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Needle Beatle

Denne søte lille marihønen, er en nåletreder med et LED lys. Dette gir godt lys på nåleøyet slik at det blir lettere å tre nålen. Den har også en tråkutter.
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Nåletreder 2pk

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•Rotally for placement on knitting pins •Double-digit display for counting the rows when knitting •Bright and dark-blue plastic with white, little adjustment wheels •Small (for needle gauges 2.5 to 4.0 mm) and large (for needle gauges 4.5 to 7.0 mm) in one pack Both rotallies for thick and thin knitting pins are easily placed onto the pins and pushed down until firmly seated. The knitted rows can be counted on the two-digit display directly on the knitting pin. This is particularly helpful when knitting work is suddenly interrupted or stopped for a long time. These useful knitting aids cannot forget the configured row amount and are reliably fastened to the knitting work thanks to their fixation on the knitting pin. It saves a lot of time that would normally be used for re-counting the rows.
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Pelshekter Sorte

- Clip fastenings for fastening fur jackets and coats - Eyelet with leather sew-on band - Reliable opening and closing - Elegant look for authentic and artificial fur The fur clips are probably the most reliable fastenings for leather jackets and coats. They are available in black, brown, or beige and match most fur types, whether it's real or imitation fur. The eyelet is on a leather sew-on loop that already has two holes perforated for sewing. The clip fastening is a true eye-catcher and rests on a metal plate containing seven holes for sewing. As a result, both components can be fastened very easily and instantly to the clothing, providing secure and reliable support. These elegantly-designed fastenings are available in packages of 2 units each.
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•Very easily make pompoms yourself •4 colour-sorted sizes: 3,3 cm, 4.5 cm, 5.5 cm and 9 cm •Robust plastic parts with a connection system •Decorates caps, scarves, and stuffed animals Everyone is familiar with pompons from those good old pompom caps. These soft, wool pompoms can decorate a scarf just as well or be made into small wool animals. Prym's pompom set lets you create pompoms in 4 different sizes: 3 cm, 4.5 cm, 5.5 cm and 9 cm. Each of the robust plastic rings consists of four parts, from which two can be combined into a half-ring and wrapped with the wool thread. In the next step, both halves are combined by the connecting pegs and the wool is cut along the groove between the ring panels. Finally, a wool thread is tightened in the groove, knotted, and the ring is removed. A few trims are done for that finishing touch, and the pompom is finished.
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Prym - Elastisk tråd

- Reinforcing arm cuffs and waistbands or complete knitwear or crochet products - For feeding through when knitting or crocheting - Promotes form stability and prevents wearing out - Certified according to the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 This elastic tape gives knitwear and crochet products the right support. Whether its reinforcing arm cuffs and waistbands or complete knitting or crochet products: This knitting-in elastic can be knitted or crocheted along as an invisible knitting-in thread to support form stability and prevent premature wearing out. The elastic tape is available in a 200-meter length on a yarn roll.
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Prym Flettepinner 2,5mm - 4mm

kr 35

Prym - Magnetplate

•Magnet board for securing embroidery patterns •Work progress can be simultaneously marked •3 different magnetic strips The magnetic board is a useful accessory for embroidery patterns, since it is useful for both securing the handwork template and marking work progress. At 31 x 20 cm, the board is a handy size and is suitable for both embroidery patterns in a counted cross-stitch and for stitching patterns. The package includes 3 magnetic strips of varying lengths – allowing for patterns to be placed on the magnetic board in any size. A useful supplement to the magnet board is the board folding stand and magnetic line magnifier, both of which are also in the Prym product line-up.
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Prym - Magnetplate holder

•Practical folding stand for the Prym magnet board •Variable positioning of the embroidery pattern •Can be folded flat – stores away neatly Product information This folding stand is the ideal supplement to the Prym magnet board, allowing you to position the attached embroidery patterns vertically or horizontally. This stable, plastic, foldable stand can be folded flat for excellent storage. All in all: The folding stand for magnet board is a practical, indispensable aid for any work with embroidery or stitching patterns!
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Prym - Maskeholder

- Knitter's kit for securing stitches - Made of flexible spring steel - Includes rounded tip that's easy on the wool Prym's stitch holders are perfectly suited for temporarily securing and holding stitches when knitting short rows. The 13.5 cm-long safety pins are made from flexible spring steel with the utmost care. The knitter's kit's fully burr-free workmanship and rounded tip ensure maximum protection of the material to be worked on, guaranteed. Prym's stitch holders can be used to secure stitches during any handicraft. Prym offers this practical knitter's kit with a safety pin design in packages of 2 and packages of 10.
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Prym - Pinnemåler

•For measuring knitting pin gauges •White, robust plastic •19 measurement holes between 2 mm and 10 mm in diameter Anyone who likes to knit often has a large variety of knitting pins in various sizes and gauges. And how often do you find scattered knitting pins when cleaning and sorting wool? This is where Prym's knitting pin gauge is a practical aid in determining the knitting pin's thickness. This useful card made of robust, white plastic has 19 holes with the usual diameters of all common knitting pins ranging from 2 mm to 10 mm. This allows for every knitting pin gauge to be accurately determined using this practical knitting accessory from Prym.
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Reflekstråd 0,5mm

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Reflekstråd 1mm

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Rundstrikk hvit

•Elastic rubber cord for hats, masks, trouser waistbands and much more •Diameter: 1.5 mm •Washable up to 40 degrees, suitable for tumble drying •Gold, silver: washable at up to 30 degrees, not suitable for tumble drying These universally usable rubber cords are highly elastic and are suitable for use as elastic tapes for hats and masks or as a rubber strap for light fabrics, such as those that are used in baby and children's clothing. These elastic rubber threads are covered with exceptionally-soft fabric yarns and fulfil the highest demands when it comes to skin compatibility. With a wide selection of elastic cords, this assortment offers the right rubber strap for jewellery creation (jewellery elastic cord, stretch cord for bracelets) or other handicraft work. These elastic cord tapes with a diameter of 1.5 mm are available in various lengths and are washable at up to 30 or 40 degrees.
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Storkesaks 110mm

- Gold-plated stork scissors for sophisticated hand-crafts - Fine points and meticulous blade cut - Precision cutting of threads or slots in fabric An absolute classic, stork scissors are popular particularly for their enchanting design. They belong to the embroidery and thread scissor family. Their sharp blades look like a stork's beak, the screw area forms the eye and the blades imitate the fine relief of the feathers. The gold-plated embroidery scissors from Prym are principally suitable for sophisticated hand-crafts, because they have a very fine point and meticulous blade cut, which makes it possible to cut with millimetre precision. The Stork embroidery scissors not only cut threads or slots in fabric with precision; their unusual design makes them a real eye-catcher.
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Strikkefingerbøll 2trå

•For Norwegian patterns and other two-coloured patterns •Perfect thread guidance when knitting with two colours •Comfortable hold thanks to burr-free spring steel •2 metal eyelets for threading the yarn The "Norwegian” knitting thimble, made of stainless spring steel, is the perfect accessory for knitting modern or classic Norwegian patterns, Fair Isle knitting, and all types of knitted patterns in two colours. It prevents the wool threads from being knotted together during knitting. This burr-free, spiral-shaped ring fits great on your finger and guarantees a secure hold. Both opposing eyelets make it ridiculously easy to thread two different-coloured wool threads in parallel. This prevents the wool threads from knotting during knitting. This knitting accessory from Prym will make every two-coloured knitting pattern a success.
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Strikkefingerbøll 4trå

•Perfect thread guidance during knitting •For Norwegian patterns and other multi-coloured patterns •Comfortable hold on sleek and sturdy fingers •4 different metal eyelets for threading the yarn Prym's knitting thimble, made of high-quality and plum-blue plastic, is ideal for knitting multi-coloured patterns of up to four colours. Thanks to the eyelets on the top part of the thimbles, up to four wool threads can gently slide onto the knitting pin without knotting. Even complicated Norwegian patterns and all sorts of multi-coloured patterns can be perfectly and easily achieved. A lateral slit in the thimble provides a comfortable fit and firmness on both skinny and sturdy fingers. The latch over the eyelet can be opened very easily to change the colour order when knitting.
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- For easily counting stitch and row numbers - Perfect for knitting pullovers and other pieces of clothing - 20 measurement holes for determining pin gauges between 1.5 mm and 10 mm - Made of stable plastic The knitting calculator by Prym is an indispensable tool when knitting pullovers and other pieces of clothing. It can help determine pin gauges, count stitches and rows, and convert the desired amount of stitches and rows for any desired clothing size and yarn thickness. First, the amount of stitches and rows per 10 cm is calculated using the counting frame. Then the knitting calculator's slider can be set to the calculated value on a scale of 8 to 49 stitches per 10 cm. A viewing window directly shows the stitch and row count for lengths 1 cm to 100 cm.
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